Guides for small businesses

HIPAA Compliance with Appointment Reminders

Learn everything you need to know about HIPAA Compliance with Email and SMS Appointment Reminders.

How To Get Clients To Rebook (Easy Guide)

Learn tactics into ways on how to increase the chances of clients rebooking their appointments. PS- You don't have to be amazing at sales to succeed.

Easy Guide On How to Get Clients (2019 Update)

Do you have an amazing skill set, but struggle to get the client's through the door? You aren't alone - this is why we've created a definitive guide on how to get new clients.

How To Tell Clients About Price Increase (10 Tips)

Need to put up your prices, but don't want to lose your clients? We've all been there. Read our guide on how to increase your prices -- whilst keeping your customer base.

How to add Google My Business Appointment Links

Learn how to add your booking URL directly onto your businesses Google Knowledge Panel. Get more traffic and booking conversions directly from Google search.

We are nearly ready for release

After months of blood, sweat and tears, Remelo is set to be released to the public within a matter of weeks.

What SMS and MMS stand for & their differences

Read definitive information about the differences between an SMS and MMS, their meanings and much more

10+ Effective Appointment Reminder Templates

Stuck on what words to use in your appointment reminders? We go through template ideas for a variety of different industries.