Appointment Reminder Template Examples

Posted by Matt Hodson (Updated: Thursday, May 2, 2019)

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Appointment Reminders are becoming extremely popular. 

But why?

Well, clients not showing up to their appointments is very costly. SMS Appointment Reminders are an affordable and reliable way of combating the issue of no-shows.

But it isn't as simple as just joining a service like Remelo, and just sending out any combination of words. Yes, the system sending the messages is doing the hard part - but, to make the reminders effective, the way you word your appointment reminder templates can be essential. 

Depending on what type of industry you cover, the kind of template will change significantly. For example, Lawyers would talk to their clients differently to the way a Salon would. The level of tone and personalization are of enormous importance.

To make matters worse, you then need to consider the length of your message (Our SMS Length Calculator can help with this).

Having to add your appointment dates, times, along with personalization - all into one message can be tricky!

Top tips for reminder templates

  1. Try to avoid capital letters - Capital letters can come across as slightly aggressive. If you compare "ARE YOU COMING?" with "Are you coming?", It's obvious which seems more friendly. In written text, full caps is primarily used for arguments, shouting, or abbreviations - not for formal messages. Using capitals for abbreviations is the only exception. 
  2. Personalization - As we've already discussed, personalizing the templates is crucial. You don't want your appointment reminder templates to lack personality, and read like a boring chatbot. Remelo allows our clients to add client names, dates, and much more through a shortcode. This makes all our reminders instantly stand out and look very personalized.
  3. Be informative - You don't have much space in an SMS, but that isn't an excuse to not be informative. More information means fewer questions, which results in less customer service and happier clients. What Remelo do to tackle this sends a link which each appointment - when the user clicks the link, it sends them to a page dedicated to their appointment. This way they can look at the date & location of their appointment - along with the power to amend their booking, or cancel it. This way it gives your clients more independence and reduces the strain of customer service on your business.
  4. Cancellation Policies - Make sure to add your cancellation policy somewhere. Again - Remelo already integrates this into our clients booking pages, but if you aren't using Remelo, this is a must. Confirming you do have a cancellation policy may pressure the client to turn up to their appointment, or more importantly, actually cancel it in good time if they aren't planning to attend.
  5. Keep your reminders short - I know this sounds contradictory, but you aim to be informative, and short. Mission Impossible? No! But, it does require a lot of thought. For example, using an Emoji in your reminder templates is not recommended. This instantly reduces the length of your SMS to a maximum of 70 characters. 

We've made a list of pre-made templates which you can take inspiration from. We will continue to update this list too.

So here is the list so far...

General Templates

  • Hi (name), you have an appointment tomorrow at (time). Will you be attending? - (company)
  • Hey (name), your next appointment with (company) is tomorrow at (time). If you need to reschedule, please call 01234567890.

Salon Templates

  • Hi (name), you have a haircut with (staff_member) tomorrow at (time). See you then?? - (company)
  • Hey (name), it's (company). Your haircut is tomorrow at (time), will you be attending? 

(More to be added... if you would like specialized requests, do get in touch)

Matt Hodson

Matt is the founder of Remelo. He loves helping small businesses flourish by making them more productive.

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