How to increase rebooking rates

Posted by Matt Hodson (Updated: Thursday, May 2, 2019)

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So you've successfully landed a new client, which is a real accomplishment, so well done!

Thing is, to really take your business to the next level, you need to keep adding to your clientele. Don't get me wrong, it's physically impossible to stop one-timers completely, and they are a great boost financially, but there is nothing better than building a loyal customer base.

Here we look into exciting ways on how to increase the chances of your clients rebooking.

So here it goes...

1. Provide a wonderful experience

I know this is stating the obvious - but you really need to take this to the next level.

Pretend it's the Queen in front of you...

Providing an excellent unbeatable experience is indeed the best form of creating a loyal customer base, which in turn, increases customer retention.

Although a slightly different topic, I would like to speak about Amazon as an example.

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder said this: "We’re not competitor obsessed, we’re customer obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards.”

Amazon is currently the king of online retail. But, they aren't the king due to their pricing, web design, marketing efforts or anything like this. They hold this position because of two reasons, simplicity and being customer focussed. Both of which heavily overlap.

Let me explain...

If you've ever bought anything from Amazon, you'll know you can buy thing's within one click, and boom the product is with you by the next morning. What is even better, returns are even easier than the buying process. So everything is quick, easy and customer friendly.

Now although this doesn't directly apply to appointment orientated professionals, you can still take their values and implement them into your businesses attitude.

The answer to anything your clients ask should be "yes". Anything which makes your client's life easier and/or better, as long as it doesn't mess with your financials - you should do it. This gives off a personalized experience which your clients will never forget. And... they probably won't let their friends and family hear the last of it either ??.

2. Easy Booking

We aren't living in medieval times. You need an online booking system.

Remelo specializes in online scheduling and SMS appointment reminders. We offer these services for free - so there is no excuse for your business not to adopt online booking - and soon.

Online booking makes your client's lives easier, reduces the pressure of being put on the spot when they're asked if they want an appointment.

With online booking, they can be sat in the comfort of their own home, in their pyjamas, leisurely looking at your availability. They can then choose an appointment which suits them and their needs.

What's even better - you don't have to move a muscle, use brainpower, or any resources whatsoever.

Interested in our services? Learn more about Online Scheduling with Remelo.

3. Don't be scared to ask

Sometimes the easiest option is to simply ask "Do you want to rebook?"

After their appointment, offer them a new appointment. But tell them why they should book again.

For example, if you run a Salon, say something like: "Your roots will be coming back in around eight weeks (the date) - would you like us to book you in for then?"

If you look at the motives of the client - do they want their roots showing? Certainly not. The chances of them rebooking is quite substantial.

As an Accountant, you could say something like: "Your year end accounts are due (the date), would you like me to book you in for one month before?"

Notice that you don't seem money hungry? You seem helpful! There is nothing worse then coming across as money hungry, but nothing better than coming across as helpful. Fortunately for you, being helpful will get you more business.

4. Choosing the right time to ask

Make sure to pop the question at a relevant time.

The 'sweet spot' is at the end - but, the topic of the service must still be in the discussion.

Don't start talking about something completely off topic. Make sure it flows naturally into the conversation, with your service at the forefront of the client's mind.

Once this stage has passed, your client will have different topics on their mind, checking their phone, wondering what to make for dinner tonight.

This is something you should try to avoid. Try to ask your client to rebook again before they get to this type of mindset.

5. Follow up

Make sure to build an email list, or perhaps even an SMS list. This way you can follow up with clients.

This isn't only good for client retention; you could collect reviews, feedback and much more with these follow-up attempts.

But, keeping eyes on the prize, if the client didn't rebook - this is a perfect time to offer them a new appointment.

Remember what you've been taught in steps 1, 2 and 3 with this method. Tell them why it would be a good idea to get booked in. Perhaps offer some form of incentive (Discounts always work well).

6. Don't let them forget you

Sounds stupid right? But standing out as a brand, and giving clients a bit of a nudge to remember who you are can go a long way.

If you go into any house, you will more than likely see business cards & leaflets somewhere.

Although this is an old school approach, it is a tactic which will always be relevant, and extremely effective in encouraging clients to use your services again.

7. Remarketing with Google and Facebook

To those of you who haven't stayed up to date with the marketing from a digital perspective, this may be slightly out of your comfort zone. But rest assured... it's highly effective.

Everyone must've experienced this scenario: So, you're looking for a product or service on the internet. A week later, you start seeing ads for this exact product around the web, and on Facebook?

That's remarketing. But how do they do it?

They install a little snippet of code onto their website which installs a cookie onto your device. So whenever that cookie is triggered on a website using Google Adsense, or Facebook, your ad has the possibility of displaying.

Now, this could be very powerful if done correctly. It lures previous clients back into rebooking. Furthermore, it displays ads to people who were interested in your service but dropped off before purchasing. These kind of clients are highly likely to be interested in your ads and book an appointment. To learn more, look into Google Display Advertising and/or the Facebook Pixel.

Matt Hodson

Matt is the founder of Remelo. He loves helping small businesses flourish by making them more productive.

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