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Industry Leading Features

Automated Reminders

Fully automated text message reminders. Sit back and relax while our software works.

FREE Packages

We offer free packages to small businesses. This includes text appointment reminders.

Online Booking

Free, fully integrated online booking for your website.

2-Way SMS Conversations

Your customers and clients can interact with you by replying to your reminder SMS

One Off Messages

Text or Email your clients directly from your dashboard within seconds.

Staff Accounts

Create unique staff logins with limited access to admin settings and client records

How can Remelo help your business?

We reduce the amount of time you and your staff waste waiting for missed appointments, making it easy for your clients to reschedule appointments in advance.

Make no mistake, we can completely revolutionize your productivity, even in a one-person office. What we can do for a large team is absolutely astounding! We let you and your team actually work when you should be working, by drastically decreasing no-show rates.

Why Remelo is a good choice

You don't even have to learn a new system!

Our utterly transparent, entirely automated system sends automatic reminder text messages to your appointments at a time and frequency you control. We allow your clients to reply to your reminders, eliminating the possibility of lost messages and reschedule attempts. You can even respond to the replies.

Remelo can even add a fully functional appointment scheduling page to your website, allowing clients to book and change appointments online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Send text message reminders from Remelo Cal, Google, Outlook, iCloud or Office 365.

Remelo has drastically increased the number of our clients that turn up to their appointments. The software is such a small investment - something my business simply couldn't live without now!

A glowing review about our software
Carolyn Hodson
Massage Therapist, CentredTherapies

Increase productivity and profitability.

Remelo gives you back the time wasted every time a client misses an appointment or cancels at the last minute.

Our system sends fully automated reminders to the client or customer’s phone via text message. This can eliminate up to 90% of missed appointments and no-shows.

That means you and your staff members can actually be working when you’re supposed to be working, making money instead of wasting time.

How clients can save money.

It can’t be that easy. What do I actually have to do to use Remelo?

Remelo integrates seamlessly with your existing calendar system in the majority of cases. It does come with a brilliant, feature rich calendar system, but many customers prefer to keep using the calendar they are already familiar with.

Just make an appointment the same way you always have. Remelo takes it from your current calendar and makes sure your client gets a timely, professional, SMS reminder. It really is that easy.

An animation showing how easy it is to send an appointment reminder

Easy to customize, easy to embed on my website. I had other online booking systems in the past and dropped them because they were too inflexible, support was not responsive and problems were too difficult to overcome. Here all my questions are answered within minutes and all my problems solved in less than a day.

Bob Pitatzidis speaks about how Remelo helped his business.
Bob Pitatzidis
Online Greek Teacher

Want more control? We've got you covered.

We know how important branding is to businesses of all sizes. You have the option of setting up SMS, email or voice reminders in just about anyway your customers prefer. You can personalize the reminders individually or create a single bespoke branded reminder to use with all of your clients.

Better still, the system’s cutting-edge automation means you can create templates that insert client or company names, dates or other information into the reminder messages.

An appointment reminder template example.

Can our appointment reminder app really make a difference?

We’d love to show you the data. Many clients actually see a better than 90% improvement.

As an example, CentredTherapies beat that 90% figure. A typical month before CentredTherapies adopted Remelo saw them experiencing an average of 45 no-shows per month. After they came on board, that number dropped to just 4.

Imagine what Remelo could do for you!

A Case study of a business using text appointment reminders

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Remelo is free to use. Remelo adopts a freemium pricing strategy, allowing small businesses to reap the rewards of our free plans while enabling larger firms to use advanced features for a small fee.

Do you want to send automated SMS reminders, and allow your clients to book online?

If the answer is yes, Remelo is for you.

These features are included in our free plan. So you can start decreasing no-shows, at no cost, today.

Package information

If you use Remelo Calendar
  1. In settings, make your reminders enabled.
  2. Set sending rules (1 hour prior, 24 hours prior etc.)
  3. Add appointments to your calendar.
  4. Make sure your clients details are correct.
If you use a third party calendar
  1. In settings, make your reminders enabled.
  2. Set sending rules (1 hour prior, 24 hours prior etc.)
  3. Add appointments to your calendar.
  4. Important: In the title of every event, add your clients name, email and/or mobile number.
  5. Make sure your clients details are correct.

Click "Add Staff" in your Remelo Dashboard and follow the instructions. This will take 2-5 minutes, at the most. If you have any issues, contact customer service. We would be glad to help!

For 100% control over all of our features, Remelo Calendar would be the best option. Everything is in one place, and it would be easier to manage.

For mobile app users, third party calendars may be the solution. These companies have invested millions of dollars into user experience. You will be familiar with these calendars too, meaning zero learning curve.

Whichever option you choose, the performance of our service won't change.

Start reducing your no-shows

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