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Book Online

Having an online booking system shouldn't be a luxury. Over 3.2 billion people have internet access. Enter 2024 with our appointment scheduling system.

Easy To Use

Our software is easy to use. We understand that the average person isn't a tech wizard. Our whole process is what we like to call 'Grandma friendly'.

Multiple Locations

Your businesses growth shouldn't restrict you. We can handle all of your branches. Whether they are in different cities, countries or continents - we have your back!

Appointment Reminders

Clients skipping appointments is a loss of your time, money & resources. Send your clients an appointment reminder before every appointment.

Reschedule Online

Let clients reschedule and cancel their appointments online. Giving your clients more freedom, while allowing you and your staff to be more productive.

Staff Accounts

Make separate accounts for different staff members. Including different permissions. This adds an extra layer of security for both your business and clients.

Your business before joining Remelo

Task #1

Regually break a leg sprinting to the phone to answer client calls.

Task #58

Practice the perfect fake smile for the same client(s) who keep turning up to their appointments late (or not at all!).

Task #269

Spend a lifetime looking in your calendar, trying to find that picky client (no names😉) their perfect appointment.

Your business after joining Remelo

#Task 1

Go to work. Do your thing.

Leave the question "what time would be best for you?" behind.

Allow clients to book their appointments in their own time, at their own pace. Your online booking page will display your availability. Save time, but maximise productivity and efficiency. We take control of the time-consuming booking process and let you and your staff do what you do best.

Demo for available dates on a clients online booking page

Connect to your existing calendar

Want to allow your clients to book online while keeping your current calendar? No problem. We can integrate with Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud and Google Calendar. Use your calendar like you always have, with enriched online appointment scheduling with Remelo. We'll check if your events have updated every ~5 minutes and update the data on our end. Simples.

Appointment scheduling using third-party calendars

Add your appointment scheduling page to your website and social media

Easily embed your online booking page, right onto your website. Whether it is through iFrame or sending your users to your appointment scheduling page through a link, allow your clients to save time & be more efficient with online booking.

Embed your Remelo scheule online

Bogus booking protection

We check that your potential clients are legitimate. Whether you are using a free or paid package, our validation feature is included. Our intelligent software takes advanced measures to check your client's details are legitimate. We take their email & phone number, and then verify it's a real person behind the details. Although it is impossible to have a 100% success rate, our data shows we detect 95%+ of false information.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Remelo is free for small businesses. Our aim is simple. We want to provide online booking which is affordable for any business. No matter how big, or small.

Create your account, and you will see your businesses public URL. This URL is your booking page. It will look something like this: Here will be booking slots for your clients to book on - based on your availability.

We support the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

This means services like Google, Outlook, iCloud and Office 365. Say for example, you make a booking on your third party calendar. We can sync it to your booking page and keep it updated. We continue working in the background whilst you keep the calendar you love!

Remelo has drastically increased the number of our clients that turn up to their appointments. The software is such a small investment - something my business simply couldn't live without now!

A glowing review about our software
Carolyn Hodson

Massage Therapist, CentredTherapies

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