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The simple process of sending reminders from your Outlook Calendar.

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    Link your Outlook account with Remelo

    Connecting your Microsoft Outlook Calendar couldn't be easier. Make an account with Remelo, and follow our simple instructions.

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    Book clients into your Outlook Calendar

    Just schedule appointments into your calendar, just how you always have! The only difference is, you will need to add your client's Email and/or Mobile Number into the title of your Outlook events.

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    We send your clients reminders

    Before every appointment, at a time specified by you, we'll send your clients an SMS appointment reminder – straight from your Outlook Calendar.

Quick set-up

A maximum of five minutes to set up

Online Booking

Online appointment scheduling for clients

Reply to clients

Reply to your clients from your dashboard

Employee Usage

Let your employee's make their own accounts


Configure and forget about it!


Reminders and Booking Pages to fit your branding

Frequently asked questions

Our software looks at the title of your Outlook event. For example, if you write down "Gregg Johnson 808-754-5684 [email protected]", our system is savvy enough to dissect the message and figure out what your client's name, number and email are.

This is super simple! If the client is from the country your account is based in, just write the number down naturally. If the client is outside the country your calendar is based in, add the international calling code to the appointment and we will do the rest.

When a client books on your online booking page, we will add that event to your Outlook Calendar. The availability on your booking page is completely controlled by you.

Remelo has drastically increased the number of our clients that turn up to their appointments. The software is such a small investment - something my business simply couldn't live without now!

A glowing review about our software
Carolyn Hodson

Massage Therapist, CentredTherapies

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