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How it works

Connecting to your Google Calendar is incredibly easy.

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    Connect your Google Calendar to Remelo

    Firstly, you will need to connect your existing calendar to your Remelo Account. This will take 5 minutes at the most.

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    Create Google Calendar appointments

    Add your client's name, telephone number and/or Email Address to the title of each Google event. We update your appointments on our system roughly every five minutes.

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    We send the appointment reminders

    Now it's time to send your SMS notifications. We send at a time and frequency of your discretion.

Set up in minutes

Google Calendar integration takes minutes

SMS Chat

Reply, or quick message your clients through SMS

Online Booking

Allow your clients to book appointments online

Staff Members

Let your staff have their own accounts

100% Automated

Fully automated appointment reminders


Add a personal touch to your text reminders

Frequently asked questions

We can figure this out through the title of your Google event. For example, adding John Jones – 505-555-5555 – [email protected] to the title of a Google Calendar event would be more than sufficient.

We check for new and cancelled appointments on your Google Calendar every ~5 minutes. We then update our database to match the changes you have made.

Not to brag, but our tech team are pretty smart. We've developed a system which can automatically format any number – just write it down naturally. The only exception is if you're sending to a different country. To do this, you must add the countries international code before the number.

Remelo has drastically increased the number of our clients that turn up to their appointments. The software is such a small investment - something my business simply couldn't live without now!

A glowing review about our software
Carolyn Hodson

Massage Therapist, CentredTherapies

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